Blazing our own trail!

So the weather has been unseasonably warm lately (then cold, then freezing, then hot) so my pupper, Cora, and I have been getting some hiking and short road trips in!

My main goal with this trip was to see how Cora handled being in the car longer than 30 minutes. Since eventually we’ll be embarking (pun enjoyed but not intended) on van life in the next year or so I really wanted to test where she was as far as sitting still that long, bathroom breaks, temperament, e.t.c. While testing all of these factors, I also wanted a familiar location I knew we would be able to navigate. So I chose Sulphur, Oklahoma which is a lovely little town just under 2 hours from the OKC metro. The area around Sulphur has been noted for its mineral springs, since well before the city was founded late in the 19th Century. It’s honestly a gorgeous little area with trails, springs, and camping sites.

Sulphur was one of the few places my family would visit regularly, even just for short trips. I hold dear many family road trips and camping adventures as a child. Needless to say I was thrilled to show my fur baby all of the town’s natural splendor! So we set out..

Such a good girl!

Cora loves riding in the car and did really well, as usual, up until about 45 minutes in. Once it got beyond the duration of a normal trip she definitely noticed and tried to climb in my lap for attention. This was easily deterred because it’s a habit she’s been trained out of for awhile. After that we had zero issues and continued on.

Once we got there, we started out near the nature center as many of the trails begin there. We hiked for roughly two hours and had a blast! Cora adores running water although she jumped out of every picture I tried to get of her enjoying it.

At the end of this excursion, we reemerged in the parking lot in front of the nature center. Suddenly this child was yelling at the top of his lungs “Daddy she didn’t follow the rules! She has a dog!”

I did a double take and, sure enough, there was a sign (smaller than a sheet of printer paper) that had a picture of a dog crossed out. Everyone on the trail had loved Cora and been happy to pet her and I had seen two other dogs on our day out. So I just chalked this up to some good ole trail blazing! It definitely made for a memorable day!